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We know that a roof is more than just a roof. That’s why we always take care when working on our clients’ homes. We want each of our clients to feel like family and that they have made a positive investment into their home by choosing Westchase Roofing to install their new roof. And because every single shingle is tasked with so much—water deflection and wind protection, for starters—we always use the best products.

As an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor, we exclusively install Owens Corning asphalt shingles to help protect our clients’ homes. We value our relationship with Owens Corning and want to make sure that you, too, are secure in your choice when selecting a shingle. That’s why we’ll occasionally share Owens Corning news on our blog—so you can see the type of company that Owens Corning is. We feel their commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability shines in each of their products.

Owens Corning has had a banner year, which is nothing new for the company. Here are a few of their achievements we’d like to pass on to you.

Owens Corning News: Paving the Way in Sustainability

Every year, Owens Corning releases a sustainability report. Its 12th annual report covers the strides the company made in 2017 to reach its 2020 sustainability goals and was released in May of this year.

The highlights of this year’s report include:

  • Continued success in meeting goals for operations sustainability, including the reduction of greenhouse gases and toxic air emissions
  • Recycled over 1.4 billion pounds of glass
  • Hosted a Builder Summit to encourage builders to focus on energy efficient building
  • Expanded company Healthy Living wellness initiatives

In addition, Owens Corning engineered the world’s first products that are certified as made with 100% wind-powered electricity and reduced embodied carbon (various EcoTouch® and Thermafiber® insulation products) and the first formaldehyde-free mineral wool insulation in North America (Thermafiber® sound attenuation fire blankets). Plus, the company earned the first insulation SAFETY Act Designation through the U.S. Department of Homeland Security for several of its Thermafiber® fire barrier solutions.

It’s clear that Owens Corning is committed to providing sustainability solutions both internally in their processes and externally in their products. They have been recognized as more than just a producer of quality products—they also provide a good work environment for their employees.

If you’re interested, you can read the full sustainability report.

Owens Corning News: Dow Jones Sustainability World Index

With its dedication to sustainability, it’s clear why Owens Corning has once again earned a place on the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index (DJSI World). This is the sixth year that the company has had the honor of being named the Industry Leader for the Dow Jones Sustainability Index World Building Products group.

DJSI World recognizes the Earth’s largest companies who have shown their commitment to specific long-term environmental, social, and economic criteria. This is the 9th straight year that Owens Corning has been recognized as a worldwide leader, and with its continued achievements in the sustainability sector, we can expect it will make the list again next year. Owens Corning also made the DJSI North America, which includes only North American Companies.

Owens Corning News: Innovation in Both Product and Design

Owens Corning even added a new color to their TruDefinition® Duration® Designer Colors collection series recently—Black Sable. And in its debut year, Black Sable has been named the Owens Corning 2019 Shingle Color of the Year.

“Black Sable provides a modern take on a classic color, making a sophisticated and timeless statement,” Sue Burkett, Owens Corning Roofing Strategic Marketing Manager shares. “You could say this shingle is the ‘little black dress’ for the roof because it will never go out of style.”

The Shingle Color of the Year program aims to showcase how a roof can be a design element for a home. In addition to providing protection from the elements and keeping everything you value safe, a roof can add value to your home, increase your curb appeal, and allow you to showcase your style.

Owens Corning has always aimed to provide consumers with choices when it comes to shingles. From shingle styles to various colors, Owens Corning helps homeowners find the ideal shingles for their home.

Owens Corning News: New COO

As Owen Cornings continues to grow and thrive, the company recently promoted its President of Owens Corning’s Roofing, Brian Chambers, to the position of President and Chief Operating Officer of Owens Corning/a>.

We’ve had the pleasure of meeting Brian Chambers and are thrilled by his promotion, though we’ll miss him on the roofing side. Congrats, Brian!

Gunner Smith, previously the Vice President of Sales for Owens Corning Roofing, will take over as President of Owens Corning Roofing, and we look forward to continuing to work with him. Congratulations, Gunner!

Owens Corning News: 2018 Women’s Choice Award

The Women’s Choice Award aims to highlight companies, brands, products, and more that women recommend. They want to provide valuable recommendations to other women to help them in their decisionmaking process.

We are pleased that the recent survey of women nationwide named Owens Corning Roofing as a reliable, trustworthy brand. Chief Executive Officer and Founder of the Women’s Choice Award, Delia Passi shared, “By carrying the Women’s Choice Award seal, brands like Owens Corning® signify their commitment to empower women to make smart buying choices, which is important because women’s spending power continues to grow. They currently control the majority of the purchasing decisions for consumer goods in the United States.”

We feel that the 2018 Womens Choice Award recognizes not only the quality of our roofing products but also the value they add for our homeowners. Thank you for this honor!

Thinking About a New Roof?

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