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We know that a roof is more than just a roof. That’s why we always take care when working on our clients’ homes. We want each of our clients to feel like family and that they have made a positive investment into their home by choosing Westchase Roofing to install their new roof. And because every single shingle is tasked with so much—water deflection and wind protection, for starters—we always use the best products.

As an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor, we exclusively install Owens Corning asphalt shingles to help protect our clients’ homes. We value our relationship with Owens Corning and want to make sure that you, too, are secure in your choice when selecting a shingle. That’s why we’ll occasionally share Owens Corning news on our blog—so you can see the type of company that Owens Corning is. We feel their commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability shines in each of their products.

Owens Corning has had a banner year, which is nothing new for the company. Here are a few of their achievements we’d like to pass on to you.

Owens Corning News: Paving the Way in Sustainability

Every year, Owens Corning releases a sustainability report. Its 12th annual report covers the strides the company made in 2017 to reach its 2020 sustainability goals and was released in May of this year.

The highlights of this year’s report include:

  • Continued success in meeting goals for operations sustainability, including the reduction of greenhouse gases and toxic air emissions
  • Recycled over 1.4 billion pounds of glass
  • Hosted a Builder Summit to encourage builders to focus on energy efficient building
  • Expanded company Healthy Living wellness initiatives

In addition, Owens Corning engineered the world’s first products that are certified as made with 100% wind-powered electricity and reduced embodied carbon (various EcoTouch® and Thermafiber® insulation products) and the first formaldehyde-free mineral wool insulation in North America (Thermafiber® sound attenuation fire blankets). Plus, the company earned the first insulation SAFETY Act Designation through the U.S. Department of Homeland Security for several of its Thermafiber® fire barrier solutions.

It’s clear that Owens Corning is committed to providing sustainability solutions both internally in their processes and externally in their products. They have been recognized as more than just a producer of quality products—they also provide a good work environment for their employees.

If you’re interested, you can read the full sustainability report.

Owens Corning News: Dow Jones Sustainability World Index

With its dedication to sustainability, it’s clear why Owens Corning has once again earned a place on the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index (DJSI World). This is the sixth year that the company has had the honor of being named the Industry Leader for the Dow Jones Sustainability Index World Building Products group.

DJSI World recognizes the Earth’s largest companies who have shown their commitment to specific long-term environmental, social, and economic criteria. This is the 9th straight year that Owens Corning has been recognized as a worldwide leader, and with its continued achievements in the sustainability sector, we can expect it will make the list again next year. Owens Corning also made the DJSI North America, which includes only North American Companies.

Owens Corning News: Innovation in Both Product and Design

Owens Corning even added a new color to their TruDefinition® Duration® Designer Colors collection series recently—Black Sable. And in its debut year, Black Sable has been named the Owens Corning 2019 Shingle Color of the Year.

“Black Sable provides a modern take on a classic color, making a sophisticated and timeless statement,” Sue Burkett, Owens Corning Roofing Strategic Marketing Manager shares. “You could say this shingle is the ‘little black dress’ for the roof because it will never go out of style.”

The Shingle Color of the Year program aims to showcase how a roof can be a design element for a home. In addition to providing protection from the elements and keeping everything you value safe, a roof can add value to your home, increase your curb appeal, and allow you to showcase your style.

Owens Corning has always aimed to provide consumers with choices when it comes to shingles. From shingle styles to various colors, Owens Corning helps homeowners find the ideal shingles for their home.

Owens Corning News: New COO

As Owen Cornings continues to grow and thrive, the company recently promoted its President of Owens Corning’s Roofing, Brian Chambers, to the position of President and Chief Operating Officer of Owens Corning/a>.

We’ve had the pleasure of meeting Brian Chambers and are thrilled by his promotion, though we’ll miss him on the roofing side. Congrats, Brian!

Gunner Smith, previously the Vice President of Sales for Owens Corning Roofing, will take over as President of Owens Corning Roofing, and we look forward to continuing to work with him. Congratulations, Gunner!

Owens Corning News: 2018 Women’s Choice Award

The Women’s Choice Award aims to highlight companies, brands, products, and more that women recommend. They want to provide valuable recommendations to other women to help them in their decisionmaking process.

We are pleased that the recent survey of women nationwide named Owens Corning Roofing as a reliable, trustworthy brand. Chief Executive Officer and Founder of the Women’s Choice Award, Delia Passi shared, “By carrying the Women’s Choice Award seal, brands like Owens Corning® signify their commitment to empower women to make smart buying choices, which is important because women’s spending power continues to grow. They currently control the majority of the purchasing decisions for consumer goods in the United States.”

We feel that the 2018 Womens Choice Award recognizes not only the quality of our roofing products but also the value they add for our homeowners. Thank you for this honor!

Thinking About a New Roof?

If you’re considering a new roof and aren’t sure about whether asphalt shingles are for you, contact us. We’ll explain why we exclusively install Owens Corning shingles and why we’ve done so for over 10 years.

Ready to pick out your shingles? No problem! Contact us to schedule your quote today.

Westchast Roofing Tampa Contractor Roofing Basics

Roofing Basics: From Shingles to Roof Decks

Your roof is an integral part of your home. It helps keep you and your family dry and warm as it protects you from the elements. And while it’s providing cover every day, it’s probably not something that you think about unless it’s time to replace it. If you’re thinking about replacing your roof, you’ll find you have many options. You’ll also learn that not all contractors or roofing shingles are created equally! In this post, we wanted to share some roofing basics with you so you can understand the various components that go into a roof and why they matter.  Then, as you meet with contractors, you’ll be better able to understand some roofing basics and lingo and what components of your roof they intend to replace.

Roofing Basics: Components

If you were to think of your home as a cake, you might consider the roof the icing on the cake because it goes on top. However, a roof isn’t just shingles. There are multiple layers and components that make up a roof, and each has an important role to play in protecting your home. It’s more like a cake in itself with a supportive  We’ll start with the visible layer, the shingles, and work our way down.


Most Florida homes have visible shingles thanks to pitched roofs. Because of the lovely rains we get in our corner of the U.S., flat roofs aren’t too practical. The pitch allows water to drain rather than pool. Depending on the pitch of your roof, your shingles will be more or less visible from your walkway or the road, making them an important aspect of a home’s curb appeal. Shingles truly add to the beauty of a home. Shingles that are coordinated well with the color and style of the home help to enhance the visual appearance of a home—all while protecting it from wind and rain.


The main purpose of shingles to protect. Shingles keep water away from the wooden components of your roof. Shingles also stop wind from entering the home or damaging other roof components. In order to do this well, shingles must be aligned and installed properly.


There are many different types of shingles and each has its own pros and cons.

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are the most commonly used shingles. They range in price depending on style and are made from fiberglass and asphalt. Depending on the manufacturer and style, asphalt shingles may be ENERGY STAR rated. (This Owens Corning brochure highlights their ENERGY STAR rated shingles.) By selecting an ENERGY STAR rated asphalt shingle, you can save on cooling costs during the hot Florida summers. Asphalt shingles can stand up to the Florida elements and can last upwards of thirty years. Plus, they come in many different styles and colors.

Wooden Shingles

With their unique, natural look, wooden shingles have always been popular. They are generally pricier than asphalt shingles and are not fire retardant. In addition, coloring of the wooden shingles may change due to direct sunlight or exposure to water.

Tile Shingles

There are multiple types of tile shingles, including clay and concrete. Price varies by material, however, most tile shingles are more expensive than asphalt shingles and cost more to install. Tile shingles are long-lasting in general and can help provide a specific look for your home. In Florida, clay roofs have always been popular because of their Spanish style.


Metal shingles or tiles are long-lasting, however, they may not be the best fit for the Florida sunshine. Because metal conducts heat—which we have plenty of—it could eventually be disastrous for your electric bill. While unique and beautiful, it’s important to consider our climate when picking a roofing shingle.


Made from stone, slate shingles are naturally waterproof and durable. However, they are pricey and in addition to being installed by a professional, they must be maintained by a professional as stepping on them improperly could break them.


Underneath your chosen shingles there should be a layer of underlayment. Made from felt or a synthetic material, the underlayment helps create an additional water barrier to protect the wooden components of the roof and the home in general.

Roof Deck

The roof deck is what everything is attached to. Sitting on top of the trusses and joists, it is usually made from wood and must be strong enough to support your chosen shingles. The sheathing, usually made from plywood, is the top part which covers the joists and provides the anchor point for the underlayment. Because it is generally made from wood in residential properties, keeping the roof deck dry and free of moisture is important for protecting your home.

Westchase Roofing Total Protection Roofing System

The Total Protection Roofing System

Westchase Roofing is proud to be an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor. We serve the Tampa area and exclusively install Owens Corning asphalt shingles and their patented Total Protection Roofing System.

The Total Protection Roofing System is comprised of three components that aim to seal out water, to defend against the elements, and to provide ventilation.

To seal out water, the Total Protection Roofing System relies on WeatherLock, a self-sealing water barrier that provides additional waterproofing and an underlayment. As an innovator in the roofing sector, Owens Corning continues to create products that are long-lasting and high quality to protect their customers’ homes. Their underlayment products are no exception. With two top-of-class synthetic roof underlayments and one fiberglass-reinforced felt, customers can choose a reliable product that works best for their home and budget.

To defend against the elements, Owens Corning relies on three shingle types: starter shingles, regular shingles, and hip and ridge shingles. Starter shingles are the first line of defense against blow-offs and water. Once affixed, shingles can be installed up the roof. Lastly, hip and ridge shingles cover corners and edges to protect areas where water might otherwise try to seep in.

It may come as a surprise, but just like you, your home needs to breathe. Proper ventilation reduces the chance of mold inside a roof and lessens roof deterioration. Ventilation essentially reduces heat and moisture buildup that can create problems for a roof’s structural elements. Just like we breathe in and out, your roof needs to bring in air via an intake vent and allow air to flow out via a ridge or back roof vent or an exhaust fan. Owens Corning understands that how your home looks matters. Most of their vents are unobtrusive, flowing seamlessly with your shingles.

As an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor, we’ve received specialized training in the Total Protection Roofing System. We have extensive experience working with Owens Corning products and believe they are the highest-quality asphalt shingles.

Additional Roofing Information

For more information about roofing basics, check out the following links:

There’s plenty more useful information in our blog archives, plus we’re always happy to answer your questions so don’t hesitate to contact us.

If you’re ready for a free quote from a top-rate Tampa roofing contractor, contact us today.

Westchase Roofing Service Asphalt Shingles in Tampa

Selecting the Asphalt Shingles That Are Right For You

We love the Owens Corning Total Protection Roof System. We’ve even written about how it helps protect homes. As part of the system, homeowners are able to choose beautiful asphalt shingles that best suit their homes. Here’s what you need to know about how to choose asphalt shingles that are right for you — whether you’re concerned about aesthetics or your pocketbook.

Owens Corning Helps With Selecting the Asphalt Shingles That Are Right For You

Westchase Roofing exclusively carries Owens Corning asphalt shingles. We believe they’re a great fit for Florida homes and that they provide homeowners with a great value for a high-quality product. In addition, Owens Corning continues to innovate, ensuring that every generation of shingles is better than the last. That’s something that us perfectionists at Westchase Roofing can understand. As part of our quest to offer exceptional service to our clients, we aim to use the best materials. We believe that means Owens Corning asphalt shingles.

In addition to providing great materials, Owens Corning has made their website into a useful hub for homeowners who need to choose which shingles may work well for them. Here’s what you need to know to make the task easier.

Find Your Color

If you’re concerned about how your new shingles will look or whether they’ll match the paint you’ve recently had redone, the Owens Corning website makes choosing the right palette easy. Simply select a color blend to view shingles that meet your needs. Once you’ve picked a color, you’ll be shown a variety of shingles that contain that color, if only minimally. Clicking on a shingle will provide you with more detailed information about the shingle line and its specific qualities.

Choose Your Features

If you are concerned with wind damage, algae growth, or the color depth of your shingles, you can select shingles with superior wind resistance, StreakGuard Algae Resistance Protection, or TruDefinition Color Platform. Duration shingles are rated to withstand 130 MPH winds, have 10 years of algae resistance, and feature TruDefinition. Berkshire, the top-of-the-line shingles with gorgeous architectural details and brilliant colors, offers 15 years of algae protection.

Focus on Your Style

If you’re replacing your roof and know which style of shingle you want, you can click on the line name and see the shingle features and colorways. For example, let’s say you like the look of slightly rounded shingles. Clicking on the Devonshire name will take you to a page that provides information specific to Devonshire shingles. Devonshire shingles come in 4 colorways and feature StreakGuard, Owens Corning’s trademarked algae protection, which is great for Florida homes.

Pick Your Price Point

Asphalt shingles are a good value in general, however, they do come in multiple price points. On the Owens Corning site, dollar signs ($) demarcate the various price points of the shingles. Supreme ($) shingles provide homeowners with a great deal, as do Oakridge ($$) shingles. Duration ($$$-$$$$), Devonshire ($$$$), and Berkshire ($$$$$) have added protections and elements that make them slightly more expensive. However, as with all Owens Corning asphalt shingles, you are getting high-quality, innovative materials meant to last.

Warranty Concerns

All of Owens Corning products come with a warranty. If you are concerned about the specifics of a warranty, visit this blog post to learn what is covered.

Westchase Roofing is an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor, which means we’ve had specialized training in the Total Protection Roofing System — and we can offer our clients additional warranties to ensure their roofs are protected. To learn more, check out this post.

Need Help?

You don’t have to try to choose shingles by yourself. A knowledgeable Westchase Roofing crew member would be happy to talk to you about the high-quality Owens Corning asphalt shingles we install and help you pick the system that is perfect for your home. Schedule a quote today to get started.

Westchase Roofing Superior Roofing Warranty

Superior Roofing Warranties with a Platinum Preferred Contractor

When you’re considering replacing your roof, there are a lot of factors to keep in mind. Not only do you need to find a reputable roof contractor, but you’ll also need to consider what roofing materials you’d like and what color you’d like your roof to be. Shingles now come in various styles and colors, which is great for those who want to customize their home from top to bottom. However, one thing that may get overlooked when perusing samples and evaluating quotes is the roofing warranty offered by the shingle manufacturer or the contractor.

Typical Roofing Warranties

A new roof is a large investment. It’s often one of the largest investments a homeowner will make. Ensuring you have a good warranty on the labor and materials used on your roof is a necessity.

Typical roofing warranties offer limited protection for an average of 5 to 10 years. These warranties generally cover the materials used and may not always cover labor. There are often restrictions based on who installs or repairs your roof and how damage was sustained. Just like an insurance policy is full of fine print, so is the typical warranty disclaimer. Before signing on the dotted line, be sure to grab your magnifying glass and make sure you are truly covered and adequately protected.

Owens Corning Platinum Protection Roofing System Warranty

If you’re not one for “adequate” protection, the Owens Corning Platinum Protection Roofing System Warranty goes beyond the often limiting warranty restrictions of other manufacturers and provides homeowners peace of mind. It is truly a superior roofing warranty.

With an extended warranty length (15-50 years depending on your chosen shingles and other factors) and a workmanship coverage of at least 20 years, you will truly be protected. Combined with your homeowner’s insurance policy, your roof will be protected under most circumstances. That’s a relief more homeowners need!

A Platinum Protection Roofing System Warranty clearly states the warranty limits for each shingle type so homeowners will always know what protections they are entitled to.

There are two important conditions homeowners need to meet in order to be able to purchase the Owens Corning Platinum Protection Roofing System Warranty. This warranty is only available for homeowners who opt to install the Owens Corning Total Protection Roofing System. In addition, your roofing system must be installed by an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Roofing Contractor such as Westchase Roofing.

Choose A Superior Roofing Warranty!

At Westchase Roofing, we can’t recommend Owens Corning asphalt shingles enough. To better serve our clients, we’ve even undergone special training with the Owens Corning Total Protection Roofing System and exclusively work with Owens Corning products. We value quality labor and quality materials. That’s why we always offer our clients the Owens Corning Platinum Protection Roofing System Warranty. The added protection of a superior warranty can help you sleep more easily under your new roof and help ensure it will be a while before you need to pay to replace it.

If you’re ready to learn more about our warranties and the other protections we offer our clients, contact us for a quote today.

Westchase Roofing Asphalt Roofing Florida Weather

Asphalt Roofing Stands Up To The Florida Elements

Tampanians know Florida weather is full of surprises. It can be a bright and sunny 80 degrees and a high-wind thunderstorm—all in one day. And while this can ruin beach plans, Florida’s “unique” weather patterns don’t have to cause damage to your home.

Wind, water, and sun can wear down and cause damage to many asphalt roofing systems. In Florida, we have plenty of each, which means it’s important that homeowners choose a roofing option that can keep out as much Florida weather as possible.

Protecting your home from the Florida elements can be as simple as choosing Owens Corning asphalt shingles.

How Owens Corning Asphalt Roofing Protect Your Home

Homeowners have plenty of options when it comes to covering their homes. Owens Corning knows this. That’s why they’re always innovating and providing the best quality products for homeowners. One of the ways they’ve catered to homeowners across the country is to create asphalt shingles with various wind resistance and weather protecting qualities.

High winds can blow shingles loose, leaving your roof open to leaks and other damage. A shingle’s sealant can help it withstand higher winds and last longer. Owens Corning tests their shingles to see how much wind they can withstand and shares this information with homeowners so they can choose the most appropriate shingles for their area. Currently, Devonshire, Duration Premium COOL, Duration Designer, and Duration shingles have a wind resistance rating of 130 mph. Berkshire and Oakridge shingles have a wind resistance rating of 110/130 mph.

Surenail® Technology, which is available on Duration Premium COOL, Duration Designer, and Duration shingles, helps Owens Corning shingles last even longer. The fabric strip on the nailing area helps shingles grip together better, increasing their wind resistance and their ability to protect your roof.

Still water on a roof and water that worms its way under shingles can cause significant damage and lead to leaks or mold. To protect against this, the Total Protection Roofing system utilizes a waterproof barrier and an underlayment to block out water. Specially shaped shingles also help manage the flow of water away from your roof. Combined with routine gutter maintenance, you can wave water damage goodbye.

Years of innovation have allowed Owens Corning to make the best asphalt shingles for homeowners—and they continue to work hard to make them even better. We’re proud to exclusively carry Owens Corning products and to help our clients choose the best Owens Corning asphalt shingles for their home.

Westchase Roofing Services: Your Partner In Protection

When you choose Westchase Roofing as your roofing contractor, you’re choosing a partner. We believe in offering our clients the best customer service and high-quality workmanship. Not only does our GuildQuality rating reflect our commitment but Owens Corning itself has recognized our dedication to the best asphalt roofing practices.

Westchase Roofing is an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor. We have supplemental training in the Total Protection Roofing System and can offer our valued clients additional warranties on their asphalt roofs.

Our dedication and hard work mean you aren’t just hiring a contractor to install your roof, you’re working with a partner to protect your home.

At Westchase Roofing, we use our own crew to individually install roofs. We train each member and work together ensure that everything is done to the highest standard. Why? Because we believe that our clients are like family, and when we do something for family, we do our best.

If you’re ready to learn more about roof replacement and schedule a quote, reach out to us today.