Palm Harbor Roof Replacement & Installation — Get Help from the Friendliest Roofing Crew Around

Whether because of the moisture or the tropical storms, the roofs around Palm Harbor need to be replaced more often than most. When it’s time for a roof replacement, you want to be able to turn to an experienced, friendly and committed team that can make you feel good about the decision you’re making for your home.

Since 2008, we have been providing top-quality roofing services all over Florida, including the city of Palm Harbor. Our commitment to solid work and customer satisfaction has made us trusted in the area, and we would love to show our new customers why.

To get answers to all of your questions or to schedule an estimate, call:  813-814-7663

How We Provide Roofing in Palm Harbor

Call Westchase when you need your residential roof replaced. Our crew has the experience to handle roofs of all sizes and types, and we can give you a great deal with a lot of custom options that are sure to create a great look for your home.

We install asphalt roofing systems, in a variety of different colors and patterns. From vivid blacks to a rustic orange, we have colors that are sure to match your personal tastes.

Let Our Crew Handle Your Roof

Extensive Training

Our crew includes some of the most experienced roofers in the area, and we keep them at the top of their game by making annual continuing education part of our company culture. You can trust that our crew knows their way around your roof.

A Dedication to You

Customer satisfaction is one of our biggest concerns. We want you to feel that your roof repair is high-quality and that you received a great value for the price.

A Smile on Every Call

Friendly service is just something we believe in. Give us a chance to show you the difference it can make.