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How to Choose an Asphalt Roof Color: A Complete Guide

Did you know that energy-efficient roofs can reduce your cooling costs by approximately 10%-15% every year? That’s because they deflect hot sunlight better, so you don’t have to turn on the air conditioner that often.

But what if you want to completely replace your roof with asphalt shingles, how can you make this roofing option more energy efficient? That’s a good question and the answer is – roof color!

The roof shingles colors can seriously influence how much sunlight is deflected or absorbed by your house. By making the correct decision when it comes to roofing color, you can make your house more energy-efficient and save a few hundred dollars in energy costs every year.

Keep reading this article to find out more about house and roof color combinations, popular house colors, roof colors, and more.

Top Ways To Choose a Roof Color In 2019

Whether you’re replacing the roof or installing a new one from scratch, the color of the asphalt shingles has both aesthetic and practical values. Here’s what you have to do to make a clever decision.

1. Match it with the Color of the House

Everything is better when it’s in harmony, whether’ we talk about your outfit, the interior color of your car or the roof of your house. You simply can’t have a purple roof and a red house. The house and roof color combinations should be in harmony and chosen to make your property stand out from the crowd.

For example, you can go for a black or dark roof if your house features a gray or blue shade. If your house is brown, you can also go for a brown roof. If you prefer classic designs, you can go for a black roof on a white house, etc. Your house needs to look pleasant to the eye when you stand back and glance at it from a distance.

If you do not know when it comes to roof and house color combinations, you can ask your roofing contractor or simply look at a few great designs on the internet. Picking the right roofing color will definitely make your house more attractive to buyers in the long run as well.

2. Consider the Place You Live In

The temperature conditions in your area should also be taken into account. For example, light-colored asphalt shingles tend to deflect sunlight better. Dark-colored shingles absorb the light and preserve the heat, so you enjoy a warmer house.

if you live in a relatively warm place which receives a lot of sunlight throughout the year, your main concern is how to make your house cooler. In this case, going for light-colored shingles is a better option. For example, you can go for light brown, light blue, white or light yellow shingles. On the other hand, if you live in a rather cool place, you might want to keep your house warmer throughout the year. In this case, you should go for black asphalt shingles or dark brown/dark red ones.

3. Consider the Size of Your House

Did you know that colors tend to make things look smaller or larger? For example, dark colors make objects, including houses, look smaller while lighter colors make things appear larger. This is valid for interior design as well.

Therefore, if your house is rather small and you want to make it appear slightly larger when observed from a distance, make sure that you go for lighter colors. Pick white asphalt shingles, light yellow ones or light blue ones. On the other hand, if your property is already quite imposing and you want to make it slightly more discreet, go for darker colors such as black, dark red or dark green.

4. Consider the Neighborhood Rules

In some places, there are associates which dictate the roof colors for the houses in that area. For example, if most homeowners go for darker roof colors, you would break these rules if you choose bright red asphalt shingles. These associations have these rules to preserve consistency in the neighborhood and to also help homeowners save money on their energy bills.

Before deciding upon the roof of your color, make sure that you check the neighborhood color code first. Ask questions and see what suggestions you receive. Based on that, you can save a lot of time when it comes to deciding the color of your roof and avoid violating the community rules.

5. Go for Something Out of The Box!

But what if there are no community rules when it comes to the color of the roof? What if you have complete freedom to do whatever you want and pick asphalt shingles with rather unusual shades? In this case, you should probably “make a statement”!

Remember that people can see the color of your roof from miles away. If you want to stand out from the crowd and let people know that you’re that “crazy homeowner with weird tastes” then go for it. Choose bright red or bright purple as the color of your roof. Go with pink if you’re a girl with a strong personality or choose a complementary color combination such as green for your roof and red for your house.

6. Go with Your Gut

This is also one of the most important rules when it comes to choosing the color of your roof. Some people have various preferences and ideas and it’s a good idea to take them into account. Maybe everyone says that a black roof would fit your house better, but what if you have always wanted to have it dark red? Don’t hesitate to follow your instincts because at the end of the day, it’s your house and you can do what you want!

Have You Decided Upon the Color Yet?

Now that you know more about how to choose the roof color, you’re ready to make the big decision and begin the installation/replacement process. Make sure that you contact us today and check out the colors of our asphalt shingles. We specialize in roof installation and replacement and our prices are always affordable!

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