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How to Calculate Your Asphalt Roof Cost

Ever so often, we are due for a house makeover with the roof being no exception. There are a few factors you should consider before giving the roof of your home a facelift. Below, we discuss a few tips, tricks and insights to factor in while calculating your asphalt roof cost.

Asphalt Roof Cost

Asphalt is the most affordable roofing material (followed by wood, metal, and slate) and can last you up to 30 years before there is any need for repairs. But even then, the cost of the asphalt roof is influenced by your choice of manufacturer and price might vary from one company to the other.

Additionally, if you choose to have the material delivered to your site, your asphalt shingles are bound to cost you extra. That is in addition to the installation costs which make up around 60% of the total cost.

You know that you want shingles but that is not enough. You need to know which specific type of shingles you want as this will directly impact your costs. 3-Tab Shingles are priced differently from dimensional shingles, which are priced differently from premium shingles.

The type of asphalt shingles might also influence your labor cost per square meter. However, before settling on a specific type, make sure that you are cleared to install asphalt shingles as per your neighborhood’s regulations.

Tearing up the Old Roof

How much would a new roof cost if you need the old roof tore out first? There is no straight answer to this as it is influenced by a few factors.

Firstly, the tearing out process is charged per square meter. But the price is not uniform, as it costs more to tear down heavier roofs. In addition, to this, you will still need to pay a separate fee per square meter for the installation.

Labor Cost

As mentioned above, contractors charge for work done as per square meter. In addition, roofing contractors will also factor in the accessibility of the construction site and skill level. A professional and insured contractor will offer a great service but they are bound to charge extra for their skillset, especially if they are professionals.

When comparing potential labor resources, it is important to note that smaller and/or newer companies tend to bid lower as they are seeking a competitive edge in the market. Bigger firms might subcontract the work, thus further increasing your cost.

Remember to watch out for low bids from contractors with no liability insurance as these are risky. Before settling on a contractor, ask to see their papers to ensure they meet local regulations and are licensed.

Licensing and Permits

Depending on your locality, your contractor might need to get permits before commencing work on your roof. These permits are billed per the different type and size of the building. Ensure that this cost is included in the bids offered to you to avoid incurring extra surprise costs.

Your contractor should also be aware of building regulations which might influence your choice in shingles, for instance, and ought to be able to advise you accordingly.

Pitch and Stope

What is the design of your roof? The complexity of a roof’s design may call for extra detail and use of more material this increasing the roofing cost. Some houses have no pitch, others have a high pitch and both factors will influence the asphalt roof cost.

A house with a pitch of about 8:13 ratio (12 inches horizontally and 7 inches vertically) is steep and not walkable. A steep roof costs more as it requires extra safety equipment such as harnesses and is generally slower to work on. If your contract charges by the hour, you are likely to rack up costs.

Special Design Features

Chimney and skylights, for instance, are two functional and beautiful design elements that might cost you the extra buck when it comes to installing an asphalt shingle roof. This is because repairs and designs around these two are a bit more complex. Contractors are likely to charge extra, per square meter and perhaps bill for time spent on the specialized work as well.

Water Damage

Water damage is bound to influence the extent of work to be done and consequently, your roofing cost. The catch with water damage is that it might not be noticeable until the roofers have removed the old shingles and exposed the deck. This impacts the extent of the work to be done and if you had planned for just simple repairs, you might find yourself forking out a budget for a complete replacement.

To avoid future liabilities, your roofer should be able to advise you and take measures to avoid water damage on your property in the future.


Whether you are having the materials delivered to the site or arranging for your own transportation, it is important to have the truck parked next to the building undergoing work. Otherwise, the materials will need to be ferried from the truck to the house and this will cost you more.

Accessibility is also factored in terms of how easy it is for your contractor to access the site. If your contractor has to make special transportation arrangements for their workforce, then this is bound to reflect on your invoice.

Overlaying vs Replacement

Overlaying your old roof instead of planning for a complete replacement might be cheaper but it significantly limits the lifespan of your asphalt shingles.

It’s Time to Raise the Roof

Before settling on a contractor, look up online reviews and ask for quotations from the ones that seem to meet your expectations. While the asphalt roof cost is an important factor, do not forget to look into the warranties offered by the different shingles companies. A warranty will give you the guarantee that the contracted roofer will cover your leakages, minor failures or even total failure, in some instances.

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