Owens Corning Shingles Keep You Covered and Protected

We only use Owens Corning™ for a reason

At Westchase Roofing, we’re proud to carry Owens Corning™ asphalt shingles. We don’t take roofing lightly. When looking for a shingle provider, we did our research. We found Owens Corning™ shingles to be perfect for Florida roofing needs—from torrential rains to baking sunshine, Owens Corning™ shingles protect your home and your investment.

What you put on your roof matters. It can help protect your home—most likely your largest investment—from leaks and mold. It can also help reduce heating and cooling costs. When you’re ready to invest in a new roofing system, one that will last you for decades, it’s time to consider Owens Corning.


Why Owens Corning™?

So why did we decide to only carry Owens Corning™? Our quest for quality led us to Owens Corning™ shingles—and we’re so glad it did.

Owens Corning™ was founded in 1938 and since then they’ve proven themselves a leader in roofing, insulation, and fiberglass composites. They are constantly striving to create the best materials for a more sustainable world and to provide quality customer service. These are lofty goals—especially for a company that operates in 25 different countries and has 16,000 employees!

We found that Owens Corning™ successfully delivers on their goals—consistently ranking as a top manufacturer of asphalt roofing shingles and pushing the envelope of innovation. In fact, they’re the #1 shingle brand. And, honestly, we’re not surprised.

Quality Manufacturing—Made in the USA

Owens Corning™ has revolutionized shingles. They have focused on providing roofing for sustainable, LEED-certified buildings, as well as the home of the average American family. With ongoing research and development, you know you’re getting the best with Owens Corning™ shingles.

In addition, Owens Corning™ shingles are manufactured in the United States. Owens Corning™ has 15 manufacturing plants across the U.S. that produce 9 different varieties of shingles. Their commitment to their employees in the states and to their consumers makes us proud to install their roofing systems.

Beautiful Craftsmanship and Design

Owens Corning™ not only offers quality manufacturing, but they also work hard to make your home look good. With a different variety of shingles in various shades and shapes, you’ll be sure to find a style that matches your home perfectly.

The Owens Corning™ Quality Difference

Thanks to Owens Corning™ and their push for excellence, the asphalt fiberglass composite shingle has become a modern go-to for roofing needs. Why? Because they protect your home and they last a long time. While some roofing systems need to be replaced every ten years, Owens Corning™ is committed to providing roofing that lasts a lifetime.

Owens Corning™ not only tests their products for quality—they innovate new products to ensure longevity and durability. They filed their first patent for a fiberglass shingle in 1965 and have not stopped innovating and testing to ensure that they are supplying the best roofing systems they can. How many other roofing companies can say that?

We Are an Owens Corning™ Roofing Platinum Preferred Contractor

Our commitment to quality installation and excellent customer service has helped to make us an Owens Corning™ Roofing Platinum Preferred Contractor. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of roof installations and our use of the best materials available. Plus, thanks to our status as an Owens Corning™ Roofing Platinum Preferred Contractor, we’re able to offer our clients additional warranty protection.

As part of the Owens Corning™ Roofing Platinum Preferred Contractor, we’ve received exclusive Owens Corning™ Total Protection Roofing System™ training to ensure that you not only receive a top-notch roof, but also a top-of-the-line installation.

Westchase Roofing carries different styles of Owens Corning™ shingles to meet all Tampa Bay roofing needs. Coupled with the best roofing warranty around and a knowledgeable, qualified installer, we aim to give our clients the best every time.


How Clean Gutters Protect Your Roof

How Clean Gutters Protect Your Roof

Roof Maintenance: How Clean Gutters Protect Your Roof

The average asphalt shingle roof can last from 20-30 years if it’s well-maintained. And let’s be honest, a roof is an investment that you want to last. Along with biannual roof inspections, clean gutters can help you maintain and protect your roof and add years to its life.

What Do Gutters Have to do With My Roof?

It may come as a surprise that clogged gutters can have a negative effect not just on your foundation and landscaping, but on your roof, too. However, when water can’t drain properly, it may sit too long on your roof and damage your shingles or underlying roof structure. This can be costly to repair, especially if water leaks into the house and further damages your home.

When Should I Clean My Gutters?

Gutters should be cleaned twice yearly. Plan ahead to spend time in the early spring and fall cleaning your gutters and inspecting your roof. By proactively cleaning your gutters before hurricane season, you may be able to avoid water damage later on.

We know cleaning your gutters doesn’t sound glamorous—but it is smart. Cleaning your gutters regularly can save you money on future repairs and extend the life not only of your gutters, but of your foundation, siding, and roofing as well. That seems like a pretty smart move to us.

Gutter Cleaning Tips

If you’re uncomfortable with heights, save yourself the trouble and hire someone else to do the dirty work for you. If, on the other hand, you prefer to do things yourself and are prepared to climb a ladder, these tips can make the job a little easier.

  • Make sure you have everything you need before getting started. You’ll want to have a scooping implement like a small trowel, a tarp, and a ladder. Some sunglasses or other protective eyewear wouldn’t hurt either.
  • Wear protective clothing like a long sleeve shirt and gloves to keep your skin safe. You may encounter mold, dirt, shingle grit, debris, and insects (and possibly a bird’s nest) when cleaning your gutters. We’ve even seen small plants growing in gutters.
  • Ensure you have a stable ladder and that you’re comfortable standing on it. An extendable ladder with extra supports on the bottom is ideal.
  • Keep a tarp near the bottom of the ladder to dump the gunk from the gutter in. This way, you won’t mess with your lawn and you can periodically drag the tarp to reposition it, keeping all your gutter muck in one place.
  • Flush the gutters with your hose when done to be certain you removed everything. This will also help you determine if there are any leaks in your gutters.

Your roof is an investment. Ensure its longevity by regularly checking for issues and cleaning your gutters. Surveying your roof after major storms, as well as at the beginning of spring and fall, can help you spot any issues before they grow larger. Cleaning your gutters twice yearly can reduce your risk of water damage and help your roof last longer—seems like a pretty good deal to us.

If you’ve already noticed issues with your roof such as torn or damaged shingles, sagging, or leaks, consult with a qualified Corning Owens Platinum Preferred Contractor to evaluate the extent of damage.

Westchase Roofing has undergone specialized training in asphalt shingles to provide unparalleled customer service to homeowners in the Tampa area. We understand the unique needs of Florida homeowners and can help you choose the right roof for your needs. If you’re concerned about the state of your roof, don’t hesitate to call and request a quote.

How Long Does an Asphalt Roof Last

How Long Does an Asphalt Roof Last?

Roofing Basics: How Long Does an Asphalt Roof Last?

There’s a reason the expression “having a roof over your head” has come to signify the importance of shelter and protection. A good roof protects your home and your family, keeping you dry and sheltering you from wind, rain, and in Florida, more rain. A roof is an integral part of a home and is an important component of a suitable structure. Replacing a roof is an investment in the life of your home and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be done as frequently as most people think.

Typical Lifespan of an Asphalt Roof is 20 Years

How long does an asphalt roof last? Asphalt shingles have an expected average lifetime of around 20 years. However, if you’ve opted for Owens Corning™ asphalt shingles, your roof may last longer. In fact, Owens Corning™ believes its asphalt shingles and total roofing system can protect your home for up to fifty years if properly maintained. Typical warranties cover a new roof for 5-10 years. A preferred protection roofing system warranty—which can only be sold by an Owens Corning™ Roofing Platinum Preferred Contractor—can cover your roof for up to 50 years.


Factors that can affect the lifetime of your roof include:

  • Whether it has been maintained,
  • Where you live,
  • Material used, and
  • Instances of severe weather.


In Florida, the life of your roof may be affected by heat, wind, hurricanes and storms, and humidity. To ensure you get the most of your roof, you’ll want to maintain it.

Lengthen the Life of Your Roof with Preventative Maintenance

The best way to extend the life of your roof is with regular preventative maintenance. Grab a pen and mark on your calendar two dates, one in the beginning of fall and the other at the start of spring, to check your roof for damage and to clean your gutters.


What to look for:

  • Moss – Grab the power washer and clean the mossy area. Don’t use the highest setting, just enough to get rid of the moss.
  • Leaves and debris – Sweep any detritus off the roof.
  • Limbs reaching over the roof – Cut away any branches or limbs that may cause damage to your roof.
  • Jammed gutters – Clean out gutters so water has a clear path off the roof.


While you’re there, keep an eye out for signs that you need repairs or a new roof.

When to Get a New Roof

There are a few signs that you should consider investing in a new roof. If you experience any of the following, considering calling a highly trained Tampa roofing specialist to provide you with more information.


Keep an eye out for:

  • Cracked or missing shingles
  • Loose roofing materials that accumulate after a storm
  • Detached gutters
  • Algae growth
  • Areas that appear to be sagging
  • Water stains or leaks inside the home


Some of these issues may be easily fixed with small repairs, however, others are clear signs of the need for a new roof. It’s important to consult with a Tampa roofing company if you’re experiencing some of these symptoms in order to prevent unnecessary damage to your home.


When the time is right, protect your home with a roof from an Owens Corning™ Roofing Platinum Preferred Contractor. Westchase Roofing specialists have undergone specialized Owens Corning™ training in order to provide homeowners with the best asphalt shingle total protection roofing system. Get a quote and learn more about how Westchase Roofing can not only protect your home, but make it more beautiful, too. For most homeowners, their home is their largest investment. Preventative maintenance can help you protect your investment and allow you to rest easy.


Is Your Roof Hurricane Ready?

Is Your Roof Hurricane Ready?

It’s the time of the year to make sure your roof is Hurricane Ready

While storm season is already underway, it isn’t too late to see if your roof is hurricane ready. If you haven’t already inspected your roof, right now is a good time. Taking an hour to inspect your roof and prepare for a storm can save you money down the line. Plus, it helps protect the investments you’ve made on your roof and home.

What to Look For When Inspecting Your Roof

Florida roofs have it tough. Is Your Roof Hurricane Ready? Not only are they subject to high heat and plenty of sunshine, but they also have to protect against wind and heavy rain. To make sure your rough lasts as long as possible, it is important to inspect it twice a year. In most parts of the country, roofing companies suggest inspecting your roof at the end of summer and at the end of winter. Since Florida doesn’t really have seasons, it’s a good idea to check your roof before storm season (June 1st) and after (November 30th). That way, you can be sure your roof can handle a storm and survey any damage from storm season.


When you’re on your roof, keep an eye out for:


  • Debris from previous storms or asphalt shingle wear. Sweep away any detritus from the roof. While some degree of “shedding” is normal for asphalt shingles, if they are becoming too worn from age, it may be time to get a new roof. Contact your local Tampa roofing company for a quote and get repairs done as soon as possible.
  • Tree branches that reach over the roof or that are dead. Cut away any limbs which may cause damage to your roof with strong winds.
  • Clogged gutters. Clear out gutters, allowing water a clear path off the roof.
  • Soft spots, obvious wear, and loose shingles. If you encounter any of these, consult with a Tampa roofing company and have any issues repaired as soon as possible. Don’t wait until the week before a storm!


Not comfortable on a ladder and think there is something wrong with your roof? Sometimes internal damage like water stains can indicate a roofing issue. In addition, some roof wear like torn shingles can be seen from the ground. If you believe you may have roof damage, a Tampa roofing company can inspect your roof and quote you for any repairs.

After the Storm

While a lot is generally said about preparing for storms, it’s also important to survey the damage after a storm. Even if it appears that your house has gone through a tropical storm or hurricane unscathed, it is still a good idea to inspect your roof to be sure. Sometimes damage is not easily noticeable.


When surveying your roof after a storm, make sure to keep an eye out for any torn, missing, or loose shingles and contact a Tampa roofing company if you encounter any issues. It is important that your roof continues to keep out water, but compromised shingles can hinder its effectiveness. A professional roofing company will be able to ensure your roof receives the repairs it needs so it is ready for the next storm.

Request a Quote From a Tampa Roofing Company

Think you need your roof looked at? A professional Tampa roofing company can help you determine the state of your roof and let you know what you need to be storm ready.


Westchase Roofing is an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor and specializes in asphalt shingle installation and replacement. We treat our clients like family by providing high-quality service.


A roof not only protects your home—it’s an investment. When your roof needs to be serviced, make sure to contact the Tampa roofing company you can trust.


Westchase Roofing Services Inc. Wins All Three 2013 Excellence Awards

GAF, North America’s largest roofing manufacturer, is pleased to announce that Westchase Roofing Services of Tampa, FL is one of only 172 contractors in the country to receive all three of the prestigious 2013 GAF Master Elite™ Excellence Awards. These coveted industry awards recognize Westchase Roofing Services Inc’s dedication to quality roof system installations as well as their commitment to continuous improvement and superior customer service.

GAF Master Elite

Most consumers recognize that choosing a roofing contractor can be a confusing and sometimes risky decision. In fact, the Better Business Bureau lists roofing as one of the highest inquiry categories nationwide. As a factory-certified Master Elite™ Contractor. Westchase Roofing Services Inc. has been carefully pre-screened by GAF. In fact, only 3% of the roofing contractors in the country have earned GAF’s Master Elite™ status – a distinction that truly sets them apart from the rest, and ensures that Westchase Roofing Services Inc. is dedicated to helping every customer make their best and safest roofing decision. As a GAF Master Elite™ Contractor, they are also dedicated to continuous improvement and training through access to CARE (the Center for the Advancement of Roofing Excellence). CARE is a non-profit educational institute supported by GAF and dedicated to “changing an industry through excellence in education.”

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